About Us

We are TORQ

TORQ is extremely specialized in the field of Power Electronics, Solar Energy & Wind Power. It has been driven by committed, dedicated strong team of engineers with extensive experience in the field of power management & renewable energy. TORQ is a professional manufacture & supplier of Power Electronics, Solar energy & Wind Energy products in India & offers an innovative range of global products certified by DGS&D, NSIC, MNRE, TEDA, ANERT, MSME, CE, ISI, ISO, BIS & IEC. They are used in industrial as well as in residential & non-residential applications.

TORQ is an excellence-oriented engineering company that provides best-in-class Power conditioning products, solar energy products, Wind Energy Products and services. TORQ provides technical resources and solves their customers' challenges by providing cost-effective, high-quality, high-performance products and services.

TORQ offers an optimally coordinated device range for Power Management, Solar Energy & Wind Power. Based on an all-round Power Solution concept, our range of product offers a complete spectrum of power solution devices, such as Online UPS, Line Interactive UPS, Home UPS, Servo Stabilizer, Battery, Isolation Transformer, APFC and Constant Voltage Transformers in Power Electronics. Solar Power Plant, Solar Home UPS, Solar Street Light, Solar Lantern, Solar Road Studs, Solar Fencing, Solar Pump, Solar Panel, Solar Charger & Solar Water Heater in Solar Energy. Wind Mill - Industrial & Domestic in Wind Energy.

TORQ is a specialist organization which strives to provide innovative and engineered solutions, which minimize the power problems, reduce equipment damage and disruption, and overall, provide a safer home & workplace, and in general a safer & green nation

Our Vision

Making a safer and green nation through TORQ green energy

Our Mission

Reach every where with ultimate power solution in a cost effective and efficient way.