Solar Energy

Solar PV Modules

  • Wide Range of Modules - 3W - 300W
  • High efficiency Crystalline Silicon Cells
  • More reliability
  • 25 Years guarantee
  • High conversion efficiency based on leading innovative photovoltaic technologies
  • Anti reflection coating
  • Compliance with European Standards
  • Current collectors reduce energy losses

Solar Power Plants

  • Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) Technology
  • DSP Micro Controller Based Design
  • Pure Sine Wave Output with Low THD
  • DC Reverse Polarity & Battery Deep Discharge protection
  • Maximum Utility load works on solar power during day time
  • Auto change over between Solar & GRID
  • Un Interrupted power to Loads
  • Battery less operation with high efficiency
  • Mono - Crystalline, Poly-Crystalline & Thin film panels
  • Protecting environment by eliminating Co2

Solar Home UPS

  • Pure Sine wave Output
  • MPPT Charger - 40% more power
  • Advanced DSP Technology
  • Day & Night Operation
  • Priority for Solar Power
  • Mono, Poly - Crystalline & Thin Film Panels
  • Longer backup time
  • Wide Range of Load - Lighting, Fan, TV, Mixie, Fridge, Grinder, AC & Pump
  • Auto change over between Solar & Grid

Solar Street Light

  • High efficiency Mono & Poly Crystalline Solar PV Modules
  • Power LED’s for high Brightness and Low power Consumption
  • Automatic Lamp ON/OFF function (Dusk to Dawn)
  • Long life, high performance and low maintenance cost
  • Single / Twin Arm system
  • Charge Controller - Battery Status indicators
  • Weather proof Luminaries and battery cabin
  • High quality charge controllers for safe life of batteries

Solar Home Lighting

  • Flicker & Glare Free lighting for Home & Office application
  • High efficiency & Long lasting (1,00,000 working hours)
  • No harmful substances such as mercury or lead
  • Free from Harmonic Distortion
  • Low Power consumption & Energy Saving
  • High Heat Conductivity, Low Luminous decay, Pure light colors
  • Cool to touch
  • Suitable for continues operation
  • Wide input Voltage - 85V to 285V

Solar Lantern

  • High Quality Photovoltaic Panel
  • Light Weight - Made of high quality ABS Plastic
  • Long Life Luminary & Battery
  • Indicators for charging status
  • Over Charge & Deep Discharge Protections
  • Long Battery Backup
  • Available in LED/CFL Luminary model

Solar Road Studs

  • No need of electricity
  • Power LED’s for high brightness and Low Power Consumption
  • Automatic ON/OFF Function (Dusk to Dawn)
  • Long life, High performance & Low maintenance
  • Weather Proof system

Solar Fencing

  • Backup Facility to run uninterruptedly during the nights as well as cloudy days
  • High quality electronic Unit & Fence
  • High efficiency Solar PV Modules
  • Over all protection against tress-passing, thefts & intrusions
  • Ward-off wild animals
  • Sharp, Short and Painful Shock-but it is non-fatal and safe
  • Customized design, quality and rugged construction
  • Weather Proof

Solar Pumps

  • Surface & Submersible types
  • Direct Driven DC & AC Pumps
  • Domestic, Agricultural & Commercial Purpose
  • Two/Three axis mounting structure for maximum efficiency
  • Micro Processor base power tracking
  • Automatic Power Factor correction as staring torque
  • Maintenance Free Systems

Solar Charger

  • High efficient MPPT Technology
  • Two Step charging Algorithm
  • With Dusk to Dawn & Without Dusk to Dawn models
  • LCD display with simple function keys and status display on LED
  • 99.5% of MPPT Accuracy
  • 98% Conversion efficiency
  • Fan controlled cooling
  • Over charge & Over Discharge protection
  • Advanced Micro Processor Control

Solar Water Heater

  • Soft Water & Hard Water Models
  • Puff insulated SS Tank
  • Electric back-up
  • High Thermal efficiency
  • Corrosion free aluminum Stand
  • Ideal for houses with pressure booster pump
  • Special grade glass with absorber Casting
  • Maintenance Free